How much does a license plate weigh?

Roughly how much does a license plate weigh?

Tom says there is not a simple answer. Generally, most plates vary in weight between . 0.2 of a pound  all the way up to 0.5 of a pound.  Current Utah plates, for example, are at the low weight end and Wyoming plates from the 80’s and 90’s are on the heavy side.

World War 2 affected the composition and weight of many plates because of the metal shortage starting around 1942. For example, Illinois issued very light fiberboard plates made from pressed soybean meal from 1943 through 1948. Stories have it that some of these plates were actually consumed by cows in the fields.

Today most plates are made of aluminum. Of course size also affects plate weight. Nearly all  North American plates, except motorcycle plates, are a standard 6 inches by 12 inches today. We’re just citing a few of the various license plate weights but I’m sure that collectors know of other plates in their collections with even more unique weights…..