Delaware low number license plates

Tom received his April 2016 PLATES magazine issue last week and showed me an article about Delaware license plates  that is worth mentioning. Delaware plates are unique because the rights to use the number, not the actual plate, can be inherited, transferred or sold to another owner. The lower the number of the plate, the more desirable it is.   According to the February 15th edition of

“When the gavel finally fell, the winning bid this weekend was from Ray and Donna White. The big prize was the black-and-white Delaware license plate No. 14 – all theirs for $325,000.

Emmert Auction Associates sold the rare relic during an estate sale in Rehoboth Beach, where the state’s obsession with low-digit plate numbers was on full display. Two other tags – 457 and 1785 – sold at the auction for $32,000 and $8,000, respectively

But the most coveted prize was No. 14, which belonged to a prominent northern New Castle County family, according to auctioneer Butch Emmert. He didn’t want to name the family, but said it’d been with them for a long time and its sale was a matter of liquidating a valuable asset.

“It’s a great way to transfer wealth as an asset from one generation to the next, and to maintain a certain amount of prestige at the same time,” Emmert said.”